Do it for you!

A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him–David Brinkley

Many are the times I do not do things because I fear what people will say. I just sit back with my ideas and plans and watch the flame of my candle go out just to avoid the criticism I create in my head. Like I have not done it yet. I do not know if it will work. But I can already see it fail. I can already see all the negative comments coming my way.

So I asked myself, what if I actually tried it and it worked? What if this idea is my big break in life? What if this is what I need to get to my next level? But I will never know unless I try it.

I need confidence. While confidence has been overrated to be the absence of fear, I think of it as the courage to facing my fears. The courage to block out that negative voice in my mind and to actually go through with my plans.

Whatever happens, whether I do try it or not there will always be critics. So why not do it anyway. Why not do it FOR ME? Even if it does not work out at least I would have learned something from it. I’ll know of one way that does not work and I will find another that does.

While I know it won’t be easy, I will not let the opportunity pass. I will do it for me no matter the outcome, and you should too!


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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year friends!!

It is that time of the year again when we all receive the hearty and cozy emails from all our loved ones wishing us a prosperous and happy new year. This is the time most motivational speakers are at the peak of their careers assuring us in different ways that this is our year of success. But one thing’s for sure, we never ask them how we are going to achieve all that they proclaim in our lives and more often than not, they do not volunteer to guide us on how to get to this success.

A wise man once said, “Maturity is when you realize that a new year does not change you.” Most people treat the 1st of January as a special day when they stay home or go out to celebrate. No one wants to be working on New Year’s Day and we find it odd that the shopkeeper decided to open the shop and continue with his trade.

What we do every new year is we all have the mindset that it being a new year, all the bad things have got to stay back and you should have a year of no stress and hustle this new year. However, without mental transformation, the actions we take to ‘change’ may only produce a new place where we continue to do our old things.

We end up living the same way we did the previous year and achieve the same results then come December, we are not slow in complaining about how the speaker at the beginning of the year lied to you. All because we are too comfortable in our comfort zones and are too lazy to realize that the steps we take towards achieving our success are faulty and do not change them.

You do not need the New Year stereotype to bring change to your life. The only one that can bring change in your life is you. The New Year only changes the circumstances but does not change you. Make the decision and take the initiative to do things differently to make you reap sweeter fruits in your life this year.

Proverbs 23:7

As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.

Synthetic Oil vs Regular Oil

Synthetic oils are a blend of oils produced by mineral refining (Group I) and composed of oils produced by mineral refining with chemical treatment (Group III). Regular oil is mineral oil. It is produced by untreated mineral refining.

Categories of Synthetic Oils

  • synthetic technology oils are produced by mineral refining with chemical treatment (Group III)
  • 100% synthetic oils are oils with 100% synthetic molecules (Group IV and V) without mineral refining

Before looking at what these two types of oils have to offer let us first find out the main advantages of oil. These are:

  • Temperature control
  • Equipment protection
  • Reduction of friction and wear
  • Lifespan, efficiency and reliability of energy components

Advantages of Synthetic Oil

Synthetic oil has more advantages than regular oil.

  • Change frequency of synthetic oil is lower than regular oil change frequency
  • Synthetic oils flow easier in cold weather. This ensures no loss in prime oil when the oil is cold.
  • It has a high resistance to viscosity breakdown from heat, friction and chemical contaminants.
  • Synthetic oils flow easily. Due to this it is not recommended for use on high mileage engines and in new engines during the break-in period. This is because it is slippery and limits the wearing of new mating parts within the engines

Properties of Regular Oil that Pose its Service Difficulties

  1. Presence of waxes in the oil. This results in poor flow properties at low temperatures.
  2. A significant change in viscosity at the temperature changes which can cause the base oil to thin excessively at high temperatures.
  3. Regular oils have poor oxidation stability at continuously high temperatures. This leads to sludge and acid buildup.
  4. It has a practical maximum high temperature application limit of about 1250C (2500F) above the base oil oxidizes very rapidly. Mineral oil based lubricants should be kept within the operating range of 40-650C (100-1500F)

The Cost

A synthetic oil change costs twice as much as regular oil change. It however lasts longer and increases the actual cost by 50-60%. It may be expensive to switch to synthetic oil but there will be a higher return on your investment on the long-term.

Benefits of Synthetic Oil

  1. Synthetic oils have a better low temperature (below 0o) and high temperatures (above 1850) viscosity performance at service temperature extremes.
  2. It is highly resistant to oxidation, thermal breakdown, and oil surge problems.
  3. It aids in a longer engine life
  4. Synthetic oils have a decreased evaporative loss
  5. Offers better lubrication during cold weather
  6. Has a better viscosity index (VI)
  7. Offers improved fuel economy in certain engine configurations
  8. It is a natural detergency
  9. Ensures lower engine hydrocarbon emissions
  10. It is resistant to fire
  11. Has higher oil film strength with some synthetics
  12. It is biodegradable with some synthetics

The Best Synthetic Oil

ELF EVOLUTION FULL TECH engine oils are the most recommended for synthetic oils.

Now that we know what the advantages of synthetic oil are, here is a great article on the Best Synthetic Oils you can get your hands on.

Keeping the Heat in and the Cold Out


Winter is coming! This does not have to be a gloomy part of your year because of the extremely low temperatures. There are actually a few tricks you could use to help you keep warm and enjoy the winter season with all its festivities.

Layering up is a really good trick. Layering allows flexible clothing to match the needs of a situation. It does not add to our body temperatures but ensures that you retain your body’s heat. Click here to read about the best infrared heaters.

Advantages of Layering

Layering ensures you are not heavily dressed hence weighed down by the weight of the clothes. No more throwing on a heavy jacket or sweater to keep warm. Instead, you can wear lighter clothes under your outfit to keep warm.

How to Layer up

It is really easy and I bet you will love it. The main idea is getting every part of your body covered up to avoid losing heat.

  1. Covering your Face

However much you succeed in having the rest of your body covered up as long as your face is still open you will still be affected by the cold. Any uncovered part in your body is an opening for loss of body heat. You can get yourself a comfortable face mask. One that is not too tight and is well insulated to help you keep warm.

  1. Vests and Jackets

These are really good for layering as they make you avoid throwing on a bulky sweater. Since we have thrown out the bulky sweater, a peacot or light sweater is not capable of keeping you warm enough and you may end up freezing again. However, wearing a vest or a jacket underneath the light sweater or peacoat makes a big difference. Not only are you lighter but you are also warmer.

  1. Hands and Feet

The hands and feet are the first to feel the wrath of the cold. This is why they should be well protected to ensure they are warm enough. For the hands you may opt for mittens. Unfortunately, mittens are not so warm when the temperatures go extremely low. Gloves come in handy in such situations. Gloves that are insulated with a fine layer of wool keep your hands warmer. Use this when walking outside in the cold.

For the feet, wearing boots that are insulated with wool is also recommended. You can pair this up with thick wool socks to get you that extra warmth needed.

  1. Starting off Warm

When one is about to start a workout, they take a few minutes to warm up. This helps them stretch out to prepare for the working out ahead. Similarly, to be able to beat a cold day you should have a few minutes of warming up. Wear your sweater or jacket in the house a few minute before you leave. This ensures that your body is already warm before you step out into the cold. Insulation is more effective once you start off warm.

There you have it!! A trick with a few simple steps that will make the difference this winter and help you enjoy every single day of the cold. Layer up, keep warm and have fun!



My Fear of the Unknown

My name is Christine Mumbi and I have fear of the unknown. To me this is the worst kind of fear you can have. It means that I fear of doing anything because I do not know how it will turn out. I always imagine the end result of any of my actions to being tragic and leaving me hurt.

At some point in my life I let this fear of the unknown take over me. I slipped into a dangerous comfort zone. Never would I try new things or even do something that would benefit me. I even stopped searching for my hobby. Honestly I was a mess.

I always came across Bible verses and inspirational quotes that encouraged me to be daring. I decided to leave my comfort zone by starting to attempt small tasks. Each time something positive came from them I was so happy. Slowly I started to do more things and attempt more challenging tasks.

My family always supported me and my dad always reminded me that even if I failed one time I should wake up and try it another way. I couldn’t believe the things I accomplished.

All this taught me one thing, my success will not be determined by how good I am. It will always be determined by how far I am willing to go. The sky could be your limit or not. It is all up to you.

I promised never to let myself get into another comfort zone. To achieve this, once I accomplish something I do not stop at that but I look for something different to do. Something more challenging.

Do not let your fears blind you from achieving your goals.

Philippians 4:13,

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.



The word family may mean different things to different people. Some regard their mum, dad, siblings and relatives as family. Others even include their closest friends when listing their family members. This got me thinking, who really qualifies to be in my family?

Let’s look at our own families (mom, dad and siblings). No matter how many times you may fail your parents or do wrong things to your siblings they will always bail you out. No parent or sibling sits around people that bad mouth you. Your family will be the first one to come to your defense even though you are the guilty one. Your mess will always be covered up by your family.

Your parents and siblings will always celebrate you when you succeed because it is their success too. Never will they rejoice in your failures because it is their failure too. Rather they help you come back up stronger and wiser. They are always there to correct you when you are wrong.

The most important thing they do is love you for who you are.Nobody knows us better than they do and they love you nonetheless. They know you are not perfect but that does not stop them from loving you unconditionally.

You do not have to payback what they do for you. They do it because they want to and you do not owe them anything for it.

Family goes beyond blood. It is the love and loyalty involved that counts.


For anyone to be my family they have to have these qualities. No friend can be my family if they are not willing to correct me when I am in the wrong. If you do not treat my failures and success as your own then we cannot be family. If you would rather rejoice when I am down and get angry when I am on top you are nowhere close to being my family.

To be in my family, you should be someone who loves me for me. Someone who appreciates me with all my shortcomings and all my strengths and is willing to take the bullet for me if need be.

Remember that a family that eats together stays together. Every family serves a common dish while at the table. We cannot be family if you decide to eat something different from what is on the table.


Christian Life


Most people in my age group do not like talking about religion. We mostly feel that if we do we will face some kind of rejection from our peers. My take on this is you should not be ashamed of what you believe in.

Being a Christian means preparing for war. Here is what to tell people who ask you questions on why you read the Bible, why you have quiet time and why you go to church.

“Well, I don’t know about you, but I know that I am in a war with the highest possible stakes because of what the supreme commander says to me in his manual — the Bible. I don’t think mainly in terms of legal requirements or pious platitudes like quiet time and devotions. I think about keeping my guns clean and making sure my ammunition is ready and reviewing the battle plans. I think about making sure I know the enemy and his deceptions and restoring my zeal for the glorious cause, like George Washington, who caused the revolution. If that’s a glorious cause, what is this? This is what the Lord has enlisted me for. Whatever you’re talking about, I know what I’m doing. Join me if you want every morning, but I’m going to be there.”

I got these words from an article sent to me by a friend on How to stay Christian in your College Life. Click here to read the full article.

I am a Christian and I am not ashamed of confessing Jesus as my Lord and Personal Savior. Remember that Jesus said that if we deny Him He will deny us before the Father. We should live a life on earth that emulates Christ to gain eternal life.

Read your Bible frequently. The Bible is the Christian manual that guides us in our walk with God. Memorize the scriptures that speak to you most and meditate on them day and night.

Joshua 1:8

Keep this Book of the Law always on your lips; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful.

Get yourself friends that encourage your faith. Friends to walk the journey with and to give you good advice. Keep them close and fellowship with them. Through this your spiritual life will be affected positively.

Colossians 2:7

Let your roots grow down into him, and let your lives be built on him. Then your faith will grow strong in the truth you were taught, and you will overflow with thankfulness.